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        右旋糖酐快速测定与清除技术 Method for Rapid Detection and Fast Removal of Dextran in sugar industry
        来源:广东省生物工程研究所(广州甘蔗糖业研究所) 发布时间:2020-04-14













        柳颖 高级工程师




        Method for Rapid Detection and Fast Removal of Dextran in sugar industry

        Guangdong Bioengineering Institute
        (Guangzhou Sugarcane Industry Research Institute)

        The high viscosity dextran in raw materials and processing materials for cane/beet sugar production is produced from sucrose by bacteria. The presence of dextran means sucrose loss and increasing processing difficulty, which results in an increase of energy and material consumption, decrease of sugar production and quality, and severe economic loss to sugar mills and refineries.

        GBI has successfully developed dextran monoclonal antibody(mAb)detection kit and dextranase with excellent performance, which makes it possible to detect and remove dextran rapidly. Dextran mAb is exclusively used for rapid and sensitive detection of dextran, and dextranase is used for efficient hydrolysis of dextran into small molecular carbohydrates. This method has been widely applied or tested in China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Mexico, etc.

        The dextran detection system includes:

        (1) dextran monoclonal antibody kit with anti-dextran mAb freeze-dried powder and diluent, 10 tests per kit.

        (2) micro nephelometer equipped with a 1cm four-side light transmission cuvette.

        (3) micro pipette.

        The content of dextran can be easily detected from sugarcane, beet, raw sugar, processing materials, molasses and sugar products within 5 minutes with this system.

        GBI also provides powder or liquid dextranase with customized enzyme activity, which is suitable for fast removal of dextran in cane/beet sugar production.

        For more information, please contact:

        Ms Lynette Liu, Senior Engineer

        Email: 12749339@qq.com

        Office:  +8620-84178317

        Mobile:  +86-13560166840

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